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our origin


The path of Pilares begins in June of2008, when a group of young people with strong social concerns began to work in Villa 21-24 of Barracas,  carrying out recreational and educational activities. Perseverance, attentive listening and gradually delving into the culture of the neighborhood allowed us to detect specific needs that were translated into new proposals. This is how we grew, in the neighborhood community and as volunteers.


year ended2010when we began to manage the legal status to give legal support to our work and start a new institutional stage under the name "Caacupé ONG". We convened a team of professionals with whom social programs were designed, which we began to implement in 2011 in the neighborhood. 


Year after year, Caacupé ONG grew both in the number of recipients, volunteers, sponsors and programs; as in their quality and commitment. This led us to a new stage, which implied the reformulation of the mission, vision and values of the Foundation in the2014, thinking about the future and long term.


Under the name ofpillars, but with the same spirit that motivated us in our beginnings, we seek through our programs to provide tools that allow the full development of the people who live in slums in the City of Buenos Aires. 

Today we work together with 470 familias in Villa 21-24, Barracas, and in Villa 1-11-14, Bajo Flores, with a work team made up of 60 people and a team of 80 volunteers. .

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