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corporate alliances


At Pilares, we believe our commitment to the community as social actors must be teamwork. Through the Institutional Development area, we construct various initiatives with companies and state agencies that want to support our work. This is one of the ways we develop social projects to cater to the needs of the neighborhood.

"From Supervielle we are very happy to accompany Fundación Pilares uninterruptedly for 8 years now. We believe that their work defending the rights of early childhood is essential, strengthening the social fabric in highly vulnerable communities so that boys and girls have a safe and happy childhood."

Marina Pérez, Sustainability Management, Banco Supervielle.

Corporative volunteering


Our partner companies also participate in specific volunteer activities in our various neighborhood programs:

  • Painting days​​

  • Festivals ​​

  • Food donation delivery

  • Preparation and delivery of playful or Christmas boxes

  • Game Days 

“The commitment, seriousness and effort of the Pilares Foundation to take care of the health and education of the mothers and children who participate in its different programs, is what makes us choose them year after year as the main recipients of the campaigns we carry out since the Corporate Volunteering of the Omint Group”.

José Domeq, OMINT Group

University Practices

You have the chance to be a part of a team of professionals who use their careers and vocations for our services. We collaborate with different universities and teachers to devise programs for the various neighborhoods.

Implementation Partners

Action Partners

Institutional allies

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