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Solidarity dinner"For a society without barriers"will take place on the dayThursday September 21at8:00 p.m.inDarwin Study(Niceto Vega 5380). Aimsfundraisingfor the Foundation and the programs we develop andcommunicatewhat we do from the Foundation.


are expected to attend300 peopleand our objective as a Foundation is that they have a good time and that they are inspired to continue helping the Foundation.


Under the slogan "For a society without barriers" implies thatwe want a society with opportunitiesfor all where families can progress and advance towards their full development.


At the event there will be different roles and tasks.

The idea of this document is to provide you with information if you are going to be a Pilares volunteer that night.





  • Table Host:my role isaccompany me to the table that was assigned to me to check:1-let them sitcomfortableand have all your needs covered.two- tell them about the programscarried out by the Foundation.3-explain to them theuse of cardboardthe moment they sit down at the table.4-sell themrafflesand explain to them what thesilent auctionand thesponsorship

  • raffles are worth$100
    Each host will have20 numbersat your expense.
    You have to take care of doing itget the numbersthat were sold toLuisina Pelaez(approach the booth next to the stage before the raffle draw until 11 pm).

  • Regarding theauction, you must guide the guests on where to make the offer they want on the products that are auctioned that night to complete the corresponding coupon:

      (A box from Nik3194-bb3b-136$3,000)

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5min Locket from +Micflocket_ba58d5$9,000)
        + Camiseta de River autografiada por el plantel (a partir de$2,500)
        + Camiseta de Racing autografiada por Milito y Licha Lopez (a partir de$2,500)

        La persona interesada debe acercarse a la mesa de subasta para ofertar lo que be willing to offer for that piece.

  • Invitation to be godparents or godmothers: At one point during the night we are going to invite the members of the table to becomegodparents or godmothersof pillars forcontributeonce or monthly to the Foundation. Each guest will have on the table acouponto complete with your data and each godfather or godmother (new or current) must be given acolored braceletCecilia Pinasco will leave them.


  • raffle sale:During the reception it is necessary to promote the sale of raffles, selling to$100 the numberand taking him toLuisina Pelaezat the end of the reception the numbers sold to enter the draw.
    On the other hand, I would invite people to come toremove a brick from the cardboard wallthat is armed at the end of the room with "bricks" recreating the barriers that prevent building a more egalitarian society.


  • Auction Manager:You must be at the auction booth toguideto each person who approaches to make an offer for the item of interest. While the prizes are being drawn from the raffles you mustopen the boxes and checkwhat is the highest price and informJuan Garre(they will know it that day) the name of the person who has won the award.


  • 360° Experience Manager:Must be during receptionorientingon how to watch the 360° video andtaking care ofequipment to do it. The idea is that the people who go through the experience get a general idea of what they are seeing in the Pilares programs


  • Accreditation with list in hand:will have alist of peoplewhich are the ones that enter the dinner and mustcheckthat is registered andindicate the table numberwhich corresponds to it. In case you cannot find it or have not paid, refer it to Euge or Carla who will be there at the time of accreditation.

  • Logistics and relationship with suppliers:It corresponds to see that during the reception the service is being carried out with total normality,be awareof the details (if napkins are missing, if an island does not have food, etc.) that could be missing and, if necessary, articulate it with thecatering manager(Solitude of Guillen).

  • Brick wall: Inviteto the participants toremove a brick(from top to bottomso that it does not fall) to build a society without barriers. He is responsible for dismantling that wall and leaving the entrance ready to go to the room at 9:00 p.m.


  • Back of photos:The idea of this point is that people who are accredited are invited to take out aPhotowith thePilares press backbefore going to the reception.


  • In charge of godparents:Mustdeliverto the table hosts agroup of braceletsso that when someone completes the sponsorship coupon and becomes a godmother or godfather they can have aidentification bracelet. In turn, you must collect the sponsorship coupons at 11 pm for all the tables and keep them until the end of the event.


The time I have to be in Darwin is 6:30 p.m.. That way we can get rid of doubts and dedicate ourselves to the event completely.

We need everyone to bringHEADPHONES (if possible the headphones that are like a headband but if they have the others they also work)



Thanks for joining!! Together we will make this event a success

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